This has been the most fun I’ve had creating a portrait. Rudy is quite an extraordinary little dog who has fought hard to overcome debilitating injuries. He’s just the sweetest guy – I feel so lucky to know him!

Prior to starting this portrait, we met up at a local park so I could take some photos of him and learn his story. Rudy walks on all fours now, but there was a time he couldn’t use his hind legs – he was in very rough shape at the shelter and not expected to survive. He was taken in by a wonderful family and treated by a group of veterinary surgeons, all who have made it possible for him to heal and have a very happy life. As a result of his trauma, he has lost one eye completely and is blind in the other. Rudy has a confident, curious, and charming nature that melted my heart instantly.

The natural garden in his yard is his favorite place to be, so that’s where I painted him – a summer afternoon among the clovers, black-eyed Susans, and lilies.


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