Working With the Pet Owner: Photos & Consultation

When creating a portrait, I use photos of the pet(s) as a guide. It is essential that these photos be clear and show accurate colors and good detail. Please see my post: Tips for Photographing Pets. I can work from original or digital photos, and I always return your photos with the completed portrait.

The first step of the portrait process is a consultation. You and I discuss your ideas and preferences and decide on the size and style of the portrait. It helps me to already have some photos of your pet in-hand so that I can offer suggestions and better understand your ideas. If you live in the Albany area, I can even meet your pet briefly, in order to get to know its behavior and personality – there is a lot I can bring out in my art that does not always show through in a photo.

Portrait Creation

Portraits are available in a variety of dimensions. I paint with watercolor on high quality papers. Close attention is paid to color, value, and texture. I create a well-balanced composition that shows your pet’s unique personality. The finished portrait is mounted to an acid-free backing and carefully packaged for shipping.

portrait progression

Approval and Payment

Payment can be made either by credit card through PayPal or by check. I require a deposit equal to 50 percent of the total charges before I begin any work.  The remaining 50 percent is due upon completion and approval of the final portrait and prior to delivery.


The amount of time it takes me to complete a portrait depends on it’s size and the amount of work I have in progress at a given time. An average would be about two – four weeks; I can give you an estimate turnaround time during our consultation.

A Note About Framing

There are unlimited options for framing, which I feel should be an aesthetic decision made by the client. Mat color and frame color and style are usually selected to complement the artwork and fit the space where artwork is to be displayed. Your portrait should be professionally framed to protect the painting surface. If you have questions about framing options and services, I can offer suggestions and point you in the right direction.

See my article: “Framing pastel artwork”


I retain full copyright and reproduction rights on all commissioned artwork. No reproductions of any kind can be made without my prior written consent. I take a digital image of each piece of artwork I produce to include in my portfolio, and I reserve the right to exhibit and use these images.